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I am not going to bore you with programming nor concrete on my hobby page. As you have probably already understood, I am above all an amateur photographer. Not being a writer, I will take good advice from the saying that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Venediger Gruppe, AT, 2006 Wayna Picchu, Peru, 2007
From sports I recently spend most time fencing (epee),
39th Spa Cup, Carlsbad, CZ, 2007
but now and then I also manage a few kilometers on bike (MTB) or down a river (moderate whitewater, simply what can be handled in an open boat),
Kocába, CZ, 2006
eventually by cross-country skiing or hiking, if possible in mountains.
Chachani, Peru, 2007
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Dobromil Pryl

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